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Last Update:Sunday, 13-Aug-2017 14:19:16 MEST


26 Jul 2017ESP and POL selections added.
25 Jul 2017AUS selections added.
24 Jul 2017BEL, NED, NOR, RUS, SUI and UGA selections added.
20 Jul 2017CHN and UKR selections added.
18 Jul 2017CAN, CUB and FRA selections added.
12 Jul 2017GER and RSA selections added.
11 Jul 2017GBR selections added.
11 Jul 2017Note to everyone: No you can't have our javelin throwers. :-)
27 Jun 2017Added selections for USA, JAM and TTO based on the results of their trials. Added JPN selections.
20 Apr 2017Relay rankings have changed. According to our info, only the fastest time counts for the relay rankings for London.
03 Apr 2017First batch of Australian selections added.

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